When I finally left my 9-5 job I was so happy but at the same time, I felt a little bit overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because all of a sudden I had the whole day for myself and I didn’t really know how to deal with it.

It was bound to happen that I slept in quite long every day, watched some Youtube videos or TV, visited my parents, went shopping – but working? No, not now. I mean, I had the whole day for myself and I could work later.

I guess many new business owners are quite overwhelmed when they are all of a sudden full-time in their business and not knowing anything else but the traditional 9-5. However, this is a very dangerous time in which we can lose ourselves and get distracted easily with inconsiderable things instead of putting in the work and making your business run.

And this is also the time in which we need to learn how to be consistent with our business. Because even a little Instagram lurking can do a lot of harm when it comes to being productive at work. At some point, I had to realize that I needed to change something because with all the new freedom that I gained I hardly worked anymore. However, I still needed to see how I earned my money.

I noticed that I was lacking self-discipline and consistency a lot which is why I had to train it every day myself and force myself not getting distracted by all the beautiful things out there. First I needed to do the work, the fun-time had to line up. So I had to learn how to set myself office hours, how to boost my productivity and how to work consistently towards a specific goal.

And it was definitely no easy feat. I failed many times until I eventually saw a shift in my behavior and with it, more success in my business. It was at that time, in which I realized how important consistency is for your own business.

Why you should implement consistency practices in your life


If you really want to grow a successful and sustainable business, then consistency is an indispensable skill you need to develop. However, this is also a skill which is often overlooked. Even if you have the most perfect and best strategy in the world, it won’t do you any good as long as you don’t execute it consistently. And this does not only affect your attitude towards work but also your communication with your clients, your social media appearance, your branding, etc.

Therefore, being consistent in and with your business has many benefits that you should not miss. For example, posting consistently on your social media accounts and sticking to a certain language and visual appearance will not only help your audience to recognize you more easily but you can also build trust with your audience and win true supporters.

Set business goals


First of all, you need goals. Without goals, there is no reason in being consistent with anything. However, they need to be quite specific and measurable. You need to be able to divide them into smaller action steps which you can complete easily within a certain time period. This will also keep motivation up as you celebrate many small achievements instead of one big one.

And once you developed your goals then go and work on them. It doesn’t make sense to set yourself a goal, e.g. post 3 times a week on Facebook and then not take any action. For this, you can create schedules that support your goals, make to-do-lists and track your progress.

I know it sounds quite simple, and it also is. However, there are people who already fail with this because they burn themselves out writing 3 posts a week and then not post for a month, or even writing 3 blog posts a week and not promoting them because they don’t have time.

Implement productivity and management techniques

Once you are set up for your work it is time to have a look at how you can complete the tasks more effectively. For this, there are so many apps out there which will help you track and enhance your progress and boost productivity.

For example, you can boost your productivity with the so-called Pomodoro technique in which you divide your tasks into 25-minute-sprints. After working for 25 minutes, you take a 5-minute-break and repeat another 25 minutes. After four 25-minute-sessions you then take a longer break which lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

Whatever you use to implement productivity and management techniques in your business make sure that it fits with your personal working rhythm and that it makes work easier for you but not harder.

Adjust your mind patterns

It doesn’t matter what habit we want to change – it all starts in our mind. And this goes for consistency as well. If you want to become a more consistent person then you will often find yourself in situations in which you think “I can’t do this”, “I don’t want to do this” or “I’m too stupid”. However, this negative thinking won’t get you any nearer to your goal. Instead, it pushes you further away.

So whenever you feel pushed down try to turn your thoughts into something more neutral and positive. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this”, think: “I don’t have the skill for this one right now, but I’m practicing and eventually, I will be able to do this!”.

Also, give yourself some time and be patient with yourself. Sustainable changes don’t happen overnight but they rather take some weeks to implement in our daily lives. Research has shown that it takes about 3 weeks to change a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.

If you want to become a more consistent person with a consistent business and watch your success grow then you can now take part in my free 21-Day Consistency Challenge. In these 3 weeks, you are going to learn powerful consistency practices that you can implement right away in your business and I show you step-by-step on how you can become a more consistent person.

If it takes 90 days to make it a lifestyle then let’s begin with changing the habit first. Join here now.

Also, are you still struggling with being consistent in your life and business? If so, what is it that holds you back from changing your habit?

Let me know in the comments. As always, I’d love to hear from your experiences. And if you want to get more tips on how to start your online business the right way, then subscribe to my newsletter below.


Yours, Nicole

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