Why you should start your own online business as a side hustle

Why you should start your own online business as a side hustle

I get it. You are unhappy in your job and you want to get out of it as soon as possible. And yes, you are not wrong. Not everyone is made for the energy-sapping 9-5 and therefore it is my duty to show you that there are other alternatives that you can take which might just be the right thing for you to do.

And as you already know me, you also know what I’m talking about. The alternative route that I’m presenting to you is to run your own online business.

Two years ago, when I worked in an international logistics company in my hometown I had no other chance than to start my own online business as a side hustle. Why? Because stupid young me signed a contract which bound me for 2 years to this company. I couldn’t just easily get out of it so I needed to see how I can still follow my purpose and passion while marking time in this enterprise.

I hope that this is not the case with you. However, if I could turn back time I would have done it again. Starting my side hustle while working 9-5 was the best decision I could have made and if I had waited until I got out of my company just to start my own online business – well, I don’t think I would have that much success.

But why is that? What benefits does it have if you start your own online business next to your full-time job?


2. You can test the water

Starting your own venture next to your 9-5 allows you to see whether running your own online business is the right path to your freedom. I really must say this is not for everyone as it still takes a lot of work and dedication and some time to make it work. However, if you start your own online business next to your full-time job you can check whether you have what it takes to make it in this business world and whether you feel passionate about it.

Because these are the most important factors you need to know before you start full in.


2. You eliminate your fears

As you know, starting your own online business comes with a lot of fears such as the fear of losing financial security or the fear of offering something people do not want. However, if you still work full-time in a job then your finances are secured and you have enough time to check what your target audience really wants. You still get your monthly paycheck while figuring out every evening what works in your business and what doesn’t. And this reduces your fear of failing as well as you don’t put yourself under time pressure and give yourself enough space to grow and evolve your business.

3. You can develop your skills and experience

With the money in your bank account you have the perfect opportunity to learn and develop new skills after work which will help you skyrocket your business once you dive in full-time. I mean it takes some trial and error until you can determine the perfect communication with your client, brand marketing, pricing, and much more. However, you are going to need the time in which you are developing your skills for other important business tasks once you work in it full-time. So take the chance, and do it as long as you are still an employee.

4. You can add to your savings

As soon as you dive into your own online business full-time I would always suggest to have savings for at least 6 months to help you through. But I’m very well aware of the fact that most of the time you only get enough money from your employer to pay for the bills and for your family. However, there is no money left to save. With a side-hustle you can start earning some extra money which then will help you to save for your big break-out.

So as you can see there are some amazing benefits to starting your own online business as a side hustle and I would highly recommend everyone to do so if they have the chance. Not only because it helped me a lot in the beginning but also because you are less likely to do something you don’t want to.

But now I would like to know from you: Do or did you start your own online business as a side hustle as well? Why did or didn’t you start it next to your full-time job?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from your experiences.

And if you want to start your own online business next to your full-time job but don’t have any ideas then click here to check out my blog post about how you can find the right business idea.


Yours, Nicole

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Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to...

Why you need to be consistent in business and how to practice it

Why you need to be consistent in business and how to practice it

When I finally left my 9-5 job I was so happy but at the same time, I felt a little bit overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because all of a sudden I had the whole day for myself and I didn’t really know how to deal with it.

It was bound to happen that I slept in quite long every day, watched some Youtube videos or TV, visited my parents, went shopping – but working? No, not now. I mean, I had the whole day for myself and I could work later.

I guess many new business owners are quite overwhelmed when they are all of a sudden full-time in their business and not knowing anything else but the traditional 9-5. However, this is a very dangerous time in which we can lose ourselves and get distracted easily with inconsiderable things instead of putting in the work and making your business run.

And this is also the time in which we need to learn how to be consistent with our business. Because even a little Instagram lurking can do a lot of harm when it comes to being productive at work. At some point, I had to realize that I needed to change something because with all the new freedom that I gained I hardly worked anymore. However, I still needed to see how I earned my money.

I noticed that I was lacking self-discipline and consistency a lot which is why I had to train it every day myself and force myself not getting distracted by all the beautiful things out there. First I needed to do the work, the fun-time had to line up. So I had to learn how to set myself office hours, how to boost my productivity and how to work consistently towards a specific goal.

And it was definitely no easy feat. I failed many times until I eventually saw a shift in my behavior and with it, more success in my business. It was at that time, in which I realized how important consistency is for your own business.

Why you should implement consistency practices in your life


If you really want to grow a successful and sustainable business, then consistency is an indispensable skill you need to develop. However, this is also a skill which is often overlooked. Even if you have the most perfect and best strategy in the world, it won’t do you any good as long as you don’t execute it consistently. And this does not only affect your attitude towards work but also your communication with your clients, your social media appearance, your branding, etc.

Therefore, being consistent in and with your business has many benefits that you should not miss. For example, posting consistently on your social media accounts and sticking to a certain language and visual appearance will not only help your audience to recognize you more easily but you can also build trust with your audience and win true supporters.

Set business goals


First of all, you need goals. Without goals, there is no reason in being consistent with anything. However, they need to be quite specific and measurable. You need to be able to divide them into smaller action steps which you can complete easily within a certain time period. This will also keep motivation up as you celebrate many small achievements instead of one big one.

And once you developed your goals then go and work on them. It doesn’t make sense to set yourself a goal, e.g. post 3 times a week on Facebook and then not take any action. For this, you can create schedules that support your goals, make to-do-lists and track your progress.

I know it sounds quite simple, and it also is. However, there are people who already fail with this because they burn themselves out writing 3 posts a week and then not post for a month, or even writing 3 blog posts a week and not promoting them because they don’t have time.

Implement productivity and management techniques

Once you are set up for your work it is time to have a look at how you can complete the tasks more effectively. For this, there are so many apps out there which will help you track and enhance your progress and boost productivity.

For example, you can boost your productivity with the so-called Pomodoro technique in which you divide your tasks into 25-minute-sprints. After working for 25 minutes, you take a 5-minute-break and repeat another 25 minutes. After four 25-minute-sessions you then take a longer break which lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

Whatever you use to implement productivity and management techniques in your business make sure that it fits with your personal working rhythm and that it makes work easier for you but not harder.

Adjust your mind patterns

It doesn’t matter what habit we want to change – it all starts in our mind. And this goes for consistency as well. If you want to become a more consistent person then you will often find yourself in situations in which you think “I can’t do this”, “I don’t want to do this” or “I’m too stupid”. However, this negative thinking won’t get you any nearer to your goal. Instead, it pushes you further away.

So whenever you feel pushed down try to turn your thoughts into something more neutral and positive. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this”, think: “I don’t have the skill for this one right now, but I’m practicing and eventually, I will be able to do this!”.

Also, give yourself some time and be patient with yourself. Sustainable changes don’t happen overnight but they rather take some weeks to implement in our daily lives. Research has shown that it takes about 3 weeks to change a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.

If you want to become a more consistent person with a consistent business and watch your success grow then you can now take part in my free 21-Day Consistency Challenge. In these 3 weeks, you are going to learn powerful consistency practices that you can implement right away in your business and I show you step-by-step on how you can become a more consistent person.

If it takes 90 days to make it a lifestyle then let’s begin with changing the habit first. Join here now.

Also, are you still struggling with being consistent in your life and business? If so, what is it that holds you back from changing your habit?

Let me know in the comments. As always, I’d love to hear from your experiences. And if you want to get more tips on how to start your online business the right way, then subscribe to my newsletter below.


Yours, Nicole

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Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to...

Why you should stop comparing yourself

Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to offer the same services as I did.

I couldn’t stop scrolling through other people’s feeds and websites to check on them what they offered, how many followers they had and what they did. Shortly said: I couldn’t stop comparing my work and my life to the ones of others. And it always made me feel bad because I thought that they accomplished so much more than I did. I thought that they were so much more successful than I was. And I couldn’t see my own achievements anymore.

Eventually, I have discovered that once you are in this cycle, it won’t end unless you try to do something against it. All the comparison deprived me of joy and stole my passion and drive to do what I initially wanted to succeed in. I knew I needed to stop comparing myself to others, even if they were my competitors because this was the only way to becoming a successful business owner myself.

It took me a long time to learn this as I had to change something that has already become a habit. But I learned many valuable lessons which I want to share with you today in this post.

Reasons you should stop comparing yourself

Especially when you start your own online business it is very important not to compare yourself with all the others who have already started theirs. I know that it can be very discouraging to see what all the others have achieved while you are still on level one. But here is a saying that I want to share with you which couldn’t be more truthful.

And there are a lot of reasons, why you should stop comparing yourself to others. Let me point out a few for you.

1. You are too unique to be somebody else

Have you ever wondered why people buy things from a special brand? It’s because they identify themselves with the brand. Let me give you an example: I’m not a girly woman. I never have and I never will be. And there’s nothing wrong with it, right? When I see products that I’m generally interested in but are sold by someone who loves the colour pink and is very girly, I won’t buy the product from that person. Instead, I will look out for other people who offer the same product but are more in alignment with my values and interests. I will buy from brands I can identify with.

Just think about it: What products do you buy and what kind of brands are these business owners? Is there something you can identify with? Why do you like that brand? I bet that there is something you can identify with otherwise you wouldn’t buy it. And the same goes for your business as well. It doesn’t matter whether other people also offer the same products. Your followers buy your products or services because they identify with you as a person. You are too unique to be somebody else and as soon as you learn this, you will attract your own kind of followers who share the same values and interests as you do.

2. Comparison deprives you of joy

Comparing yourself to others adds no value to your life. As soon as you start looking at the things others have on the outside, you start feeling bad of your own situation as you’re not there yet. You can’t enjoy your own achievements anymore and you stop feeling happy about what you have accomplished so far. Comparing yourself doesn’t add any new meaning or fulfillment to your life. Instead, it only distracts you from it.

3. You start focussing on the wrong person

Always checking out what your competitors do leads to one result: You start focussing on that person. You start to see all the things they do instead of becoming active to do something in your life to achieve your biggest dreams. There is only one life that you have and which you can change, and it is yours. Not the one of your competitor. So stop focussing on what they are doing. It has nothing to do with what you have achieved so far and what you are going to achieve in the future. Unless you can’t stop keeping your eyes on them. And this is truly a waste of energy which you can put in your work instead to make the best out of it and achieve all of the goals you are dreaming about.

4. There is simply too much too lose

Comparing yourself does not only deprive you of joy and shifts your focus on other people, but it comes with so much more that you lose once you can’t stop comparing yourself to others. Your pride, your passion, your drive – these are all things that you lose when you compare yourself to your competitors. And let me ask you a question: Is this really worth it? I think it’s not. So stop losing so much because of a habit that doesn’t serve you at all.

But how can you overcome this destructive habit?

Practical advice to overcome comparison

1. Become aware of your thoughts

The key to breaking every bad habit is becoming aware of your thoughts. Our minds control almost everything we do in our lives which is why we have to start here to make a lasting change in our life. So every time you notice yourself comparing to others, sit down and take notes about the thoughts that are running through your mind right now. Have a look at the things I told you above and start noticing the harmful effects of comparing yourself to others.

Becoming aware of our thoughts helps us to change destructive habits from the inside out.

2. Don’t compare other people’s “outside” to your “insides”

I know, seeing other people in social media can seem very discouraging. They seem to be living happy lives, live in the best places, and eat the best food. But what you see is only what is on the outside. Do you know them enough to know whether they really live such happy lives? Let me guess: You don’t.

It is, as I’d like to call it, the “curse of social media”. Hardly any person will post about the bad things in their life but only about the good stuff. And if they do, they only want attention most of the time. At least, that’s what I think. However, we will mostly see the good stuff that is going on in their businesses and lives. And we tend to compare this with how we feel on the inside. That’s quite an unfair comparison, don’t you think? So stop it.

3. Gratitude, gratitude, and again: gratitude

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I preach gratitude a lot. And there is a reason for it. It helps us to see our achievements, it helps us to bring us joy in our lives and it helps us to stay humble. And those are all the attributes successful business owners have. They are grateful for the things they have achieved so far, and it doesn’t matter what they still want to achieve in the future. Being present and becoming aware of what we have now leads to joy, combats fear and strengthens our confidence. And this is awesome, isn’t it?

So every time you catch yourself comparing to somebody else, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and start thinking about the things you are grateful for in your life. Also, starting your day with gratitude helps you to go through your day with joy and passion.

4. If you can’t stop comparing yourself than use it as motivation

Wanting the things what other people have is simply put just a waste of time. However, we can use comparison in a good way and improve what matters most to us. So if you see people, who are extraordinarily kind or generous, you can use them as role models to also become this way. And there is nothing wrong with it. Comparison is used best to improve ourselves but becomes destructive once we feel bad about the things others seem to have.

So instead of falling prey to its dark underbelly, use it to become a better person or improve your strategies to make your business more successful. However, the freedom and the joy that comes with comparing less is totally worth the effort.

If you are ready to stop comparing yourself to others but still feel afraid to put yourself out there and show the world the “real you”, I have something wonderful for you.


My Fear Mastery Set helps you to overcome your fears once and for all and shows you how you can live your full potential in your business. Get it now for only a few bucks and benefit from free extensions which are about to come in February. This way, you can save a lot of money and get the value you need to start your business the right way.


Are you in? Then follow me here and check out the course.


Yours, Nicole


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Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to...

5 steps to grow in self-confidence

5 steps to grow in self-confidence

“What if people don’t like what I have to offer?”

“What if I’m not skilled enough?”

‘What if I fail?”

Do you know these questions? I bet you probably do in one way or the other. I know these very well myself. I dealt with them especially in the beginning of my career as a business owner and had to learn how to get rid of them eventually. Well, now I can say that they are still coming up but I know now how to tackle them and move forward. I studied and applied several strategies and learned which ones work best so these questions won’t stop me from following my dreams.

However, what I also learned is that these questions all have two things in common which we tend to forget once they appear in our mind. The first thing they have in common is that they are all a form of fear which express themselves in worrying and doubts. The second thing is that they are all evidence for our lack of self-confidence.

Especially, when we are just about to start a business we easily feel overwhelmed. Not only by all the information that is out there but also by the things we suddenly are confronted with. Things which we have never done before. And as soon as we lack self-confidence we tend to seek acknowledgment from the outside.

But self-confidence is a very important aspect of your part as a business owner and it’s as important as our skills and the quality of our work. It is important to become active in our business because if we lack self-confidence we tend much more to give up on projects. And giving up is never a good idea.

This is why I recommend following these 6 ways that I will explain to you, so you can grow in self-confidence and become a successful online business owner.

1. Evaluate your inner circle

Did you ever have a closer look at your family members or friends? It is important to do so because they play a very crucial role in our plan to grow in self-confidence. Start noticing which people in your life motivate you and bring you up and which ones bring you down and therefore shred your confidence.

Of course, if the negative people in your area are your closest family members it is difficult to stay away from them. I also have some in my inner circle, but I try to stick with the positive ones as much as I can. This helps me to build a shield from all the negativity that some other people might spread and keeps me motivated to move on with what I believe in.

2.  Don’t rank yourself first but your business

When we want to start out in our business we often hear that we have to market ourselves. But if we have a closer look then we see that in our business, we don’t sell ourselves but the solutions for the problems our clients have. It is important to keep this in mind as it makes us more resilient and confident. And yes, this is also true when we have a personal brand.

So please, do not ever link your worth as a person with the success of your business. It’s about your customers and not about you. So either they like the solution you have to offer, or they don’t. But this has nothing to do with you as a person!

3. Leave your perfectionism behind and start having realistic expectations


Building your own online business means to grow, learn and to take action constantly.

Your services or products don’t have to be perfect – they need to be out there in the market to be tested. And perfection and hesitation are the biggest enemies of your business. So if you want to leave this devil’s trap, start creating realistic short-term and long-term goals and keep focusing on them. Because one part of building your own business is to learn how to cope with the uncertainty and to do it anyway.

4. Learn how to deal with fears and grow your confidence and resilience.


Running your own business also means you have to step out of your comfort zone every time. And those are the times when we feel fear. Every entrepreneur has the fear of failing, becoming visible and being successful. So it’s not you, it’s just how things are.

The best way to overcome your fears is to question them. Try to list your fears and make a Plan B for each fear. Ask yourself: What would happen if the fear becomes true? So shifting fears means to gain more courage. And believe me, this is so much less frightening, than having to live with the fears all the time.


5. Take control over your mind

Every entrepreneur expects to fail in one way or the other and that’s just realistic. But it is more important how you deal with the failure. Do you make yourself responsible for this? Then go back to step 1. You and your business are two different entities and if you keep remembering this it will be easier for you to find new creative solutions when problems occur. Also, succeeding through great adversities is a huge confidence booster, which is why you should never give up in the first place.

Your self-confidence, belief and your mindset impact the way how you are progressing with your business and they also impact the way of stagnation. If you want to make sure to reach your goals, it is important to take care of those three things. And if you can do it, everyone can do it.

However, I know how difficult it is to overcome fears if you don’t know where to start and your mind is just running wild with negative thoughts. This is why I created a little online course for you. In “The Fear Mastery Set” you will learn everything that is essential to know about fears and you will get some great resources that you can apply immediately in your everyday life which will help you to overcome your fears in no time.

So are you ready to rock your own online business like a winner?

Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments and tell me what helped you with growing your self-confidence? Or is there anything your struggling with? Let me know and I’m sure I can help you in some way.


Yours, Nicole

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Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to...

3 steps on how to find the right business idea

3 steps on how to find the right business idea

“What can I offer that people really want?”

Do you know that question? I know this one too well. In the beginning stages of my business, I was more than once desperate to find the right business idea. I knew that I wanted to run my own business but without a proper and profitable business idea – how could I do that?

Also, it’s always been important to me to create a sustainable business which I can grow with and which will carry me throughout the years. This was and still is so much more important to me than having instant success. However, to find the right idea for such a business seemed to me everything else but easy.

As soon as we know in our hearts that we want to become an online business owner we need to start looking for ideas. And in this process, there are many questions we have to ask ourselves in order to find the right idea.

Unfortunately, this is the point in which many people set their dream to run their own business aside because it seems like a mysterious process only a handful of people can solve. But let me tell you this: This is not true. Even you, and it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have been through, you can find the right business idea to make your dream of your own online business come true.

For me, running my own business means to be able to fulfill myself and creating something that is sustainable for many many years is awesome.

So this is why I want to show you the 3 simple steps which will help you to find the right business for yourself so you can also start to fulfill yourself and make a meaningful change in your life.

1. Find your “WHY”!

There are two crucial questions which will lead you to your answer:

  1. What is the change you want to make for yourself (e.g. flexible time management; more time to spend in nature; never having to cook again, etc.)?
  2. What is the change you want to make in the world (e.g. free the oceans from garbage; enable more children to become educated; bring more beauty to the world, etc.)?

The true goal is never to ask “HOW” but always to ask “WHY”. So take yourself some time to sit and write down whatever comes to your mind. Then make it bigger and create a vision for yourself. The combination of these two answers become your personal vision and therefore, your personal goal!

2. The step to the “WHAT”!

As soon as you have a vision you can start to have a closer look at it. Change your “WHY” into a “WHAT”. So for example if you want to bring more beauty to the world you can start doing something with graphic design, texting or fashion coaching. Collect everything that comes to your mind and also start asking your friends and family to find even more ideas. Often we limit ourselves to one idea because we ask ourselves the “HOW” question instead of the “WHY” question.

3. The decision on “HOW” to do it!

Sometimes, in the beginning, it is not easy to know whether we want to start out as a solopreneur, freelancer or socialpreneur (i.e. starting a business in a team). It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to collaborate with someone or start your own business that you run by yourself? Try to think about the different scenarios here. Which option appeals to you most? Which idea fits most with your personality? What can you implement in your life? Make a list of the top 5 things and have a closer look into each of these ideas. What’s realistic and promising and which idea makes your heart leap?

Always remain true to yourself!

Now, the first steps have been taken! So, in this case, it is important that you are always honest with yourself. Sometimes it takes another 6 months until you can quit your employee job so you can save some money until you make this huge change. And in the beginning, a lot will be demanded from you but always keep in mind to get feedback on whatever you do. However, decide for yourself what you are going to do with this feedback.

Your inner attitude decides on how successful you are going to be on the outside. Look for someone who will help you to develop the right mindset. And always remember your vision: Is everything that you do bringing you closer to your goal or further away from it?

This expedition into the unknown always requires courage. Courage to take the next step and to take a different step than the one that people are telling you to take. If you want to change the world, you will have to take paths no one has taken before. I dare you to listen to your intuition as your advisor, to put your gut feeling above your business plan and to apply empathy as a tool for making decisions.

I dare you to trust in the process – doesn’t matter what other people might say. It is your business and you decide. And above all: Have fun with it!

Yours, Nicole

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Why you should stop comparing yourself

When I started out with my own online business as a virtual assistant I offered copywriting, social media management and proofreading as a service. And back then, more and more people seemed to start out as virtual assistants themselves who, in my eyes, all seemed to...

5 reasons you should start your own online business

5 reasons you should start your own online business

“I can’t do it anymore! Something has to change! NOW!”

It was 7 am in the morning and I was sitting in my car ready to get to work. But I couldn’t. I was crying my eyes out, I felt sick and I just didn’t know how to spend one more day in this cubicle. Was this all that life has to offer? Will I have to endure this until I can go into retirement? No, I felt like there was something more in life. But what? Working from 9 to 5 for the next 50 years in your life – that just couldn’t be everything!

Day after day passed by until one evening I sat down on the couch, scrolled through Facebook and then it hit me like a bolt. I came across an ebook which explained in detail how to make a living with your laptop and a wifi connection.

“That’s it”, I thought to myself and the next weeks and months were about to change. I started my own online business…

With social media and digitalization on the rise, it gets easier and easier to create your own online business. And maybe you already know someone in your circle who took the same path? Opportunities to work location-independently are rising and it only requires a laptop and a wifi connection and you are good to start to run your own online business.

But what advantages does it have to become an online business entrepreneur rather than having a traditional job at an established company?

1. Flexible working hours

Running your own online business allows you to schedule the working time just like you need it. You are your own boss and you can work when you feel the most productive. In contrast to a traditional job where you have to work at those times your boss tells you to, you can create your own individual working routine with your online business.

Are you most productive in the morning or in the evening when the kids are in bed? Whatever suits your best you decide on your own. No more other people telling you when you have to get be at work, when you can take a break or when you can go home.

However, in the beginning stages, you are going to need more energy to set up your business. But once it runs smoothly you can schedule your day at will. Furthermore, you can increase your productivity with certain techniques so you won’t have to work 8 to 12 hours a day but far less. One of the techniques is the “Pomodoro technique” that I will explain to you more in detail in another post.

2. Self-determination & independence

Self-determination means that you determine your life based on your choice. As soon as you run your own online business you are in control of everything that you do. You are not a victim of societal rules anymore and you decide what you want to do in your own life.

Of course, this also leads to responsibility but you get to decide on very important matters. How many hours do I want to work today? What do I do after work? What do I want to work on?

By running your own online business you become independent and you have the freedom to create the life you have always wanted.

3. More time for relationships

With your online business, you can start traveling around the world or you can stay in the comfort of your home which is also absolutely fine. Then you can spend a lot of time with the people you love and watch your kids grow as you decide for yourself how much and when you have to work. Let it be your partner, friends or other family members you’d love to spend more time with. By running your own online business you can make this wish come true.

You can have a coffee with a good friend of yours every time you want it or you can go on holidays without having to ask your boss when it’s appropriate. This kind of freedom, to see your family and friends and watch your kids grow up is probably one of the most valuable things in life.

4. You learn a lot of new skills and about yourself

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.

Sarah Caldwell

Learning something new will always enrich your life. And not learning anything after you left school is the same as standing still. You won’t move forward anymore and this is one of the big advantages that an online business can give to you.

As you will tread new paths you will have to gain new skills and learn new things in order to become a successful business owner. But don’t worry. For this, you don’t have to get a special degree at university. You can learn everything by yourself. There are so many great resources out there where you can learn everything that is essential to run your own online business.

Try Udemy or Skillshare and gain new skills that will enrich your life.

Also, you will be learning a lot about yourself on your way to becoming a successful business owner. As you will be confronted with situations you haven’t had yet you will learn where your limits are and you will be amazed by what you can accomplish! Believe me, often we underestimate ourselves what we are capable of.

But running your own online business will show you what you can do and you will never want to miss it again.

5. Personal growth

Are you dealing with a lot of fears when it comes to creating your own online business? I know that feeling too well. I’ve been there, too. I asked myself all the “What if’s” questions and this is nothing uncommon for an entrepreneur. Running your own business means also taking a risk and as soon as we are confronted with the fact, that we have to leave our securities it gets daunting.

But believe me when I say: No fear that I ever had came true. In other words FEAR means nothing else than this:

  • F Falso
  • E Evidence
  • A Appearing
  • R Real

However, your own online business is the best way to overcoming your fears. Being self-employed is not a walk in the park and you will get to your limits several times. But this is the time where you will learn most about yourself and grow. You get taught how to take risks, how to conquer your fears and how to grow confident in what you do.

And this is a valuable lesson which will last for a lifetime.

Tell me, what advantages do see in running your own online business? Is there anything that is still holding you back?

Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from your experiences and let’s share our stories to enrich each other’s lives.


Yours, Nicole

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