“What if people don’t like what I have to offer?”

“What if I’m not skilled enough?”

‘What if I fail?”

Do you know these questions? I bet you probably do in one way or the other. I know these very well myself. I dealt with them especially in the beginning of my career as a business owner and had to learn how to get rid of them eventually. Well, now I can say that they are still coming up but I know now how to tackle them and move forward. I studied and applied several strategies and learned which ones work best so these questions won’t stop me from following my dreams.

However, what I also learned is that these questions all have two things in common which we tend to forget once they appear in our mind. The first thing they have in common is that they are all a form of fear which express themselves in worrying and doubts. The second thing is that they are all evidence for our lack of self-confidence.

Especially, when we are just about to start a business we easily feel overwhelmed. Not only by all the information that is out there but also by the things we suddenly are confronted with. Things which we have never done before. And as soon as we lack self-confidence we tend to seek acknowledgment from the outside.

But self-confidence is a very important aspect of your part as a business owner and it’s as important as our skills and the quality of our work. It is important to become active in our business because if we lack self-confidence we tend much more to give up on projects. And giving up is never a good idea.

This is why I recommend following these 6 ways that I will explain to you, so you can grow in self-confidence and become a successful online business owner.

1. Evaluate your inner circle

Did you ever have a closer look at your family members or friends? It is important to do so because they play a very crucial role in our plan to grow in self-confidence. Start noticing which people in your life motivate you and bring you up and which ones bring you down and therefore shred your confidence.

Of course, if the negative people in your area are your closest family members it is difficult to stay away from them. I also have some in my inner circle, but I try to stick with the positive ones as much as I can. This helps me to build a shield from all the negativity that some other people might spread and keeps me motivated to move on with what I believe in.

2.  Don’t rank yourself first but your business

When we want to start out in our business we often hear that we have to market ourselves. But if we have a closer look then we see that in our business, we don’t sell ourselves but the solutions for the problems our clients have. It is important to keep this in mind as it makes us more resilient and confident. And yes, this is also true when we have a personal brand.

So please, do not ever link your worth as a person with the success of your business. It’s about your customers and not about you. So either they like the solution you have to offer, or they don’t. But this has nothing to do with you as a person!

3. Leave your perfectionism behind and start having realistic expectations


Building your own online business means to grow, learn and to take action constantly.

Your services or products don’t have to be perfect – they need to be out there in the market to be tested. And perfection and hesitation are the biggest enemies of your business. So if you want to leave this devil’s trap, start creating realistic short-term and long-term goals and keep focusing on them. Because one part of building your own business is to learn how to cope with the uncertainty and to do it anyway.

4. Learn how to deal with fears and grow your confidence and resilience.


Running your own business also means you have to step out of your comfort zone every time. And those are the times when we feel fear. Every entrepreneur has the fear of failing, becoming visible and being successful. So it’s not you, it’s just how things are.

The best way to overcome your fears is to question them. Try to list your fears and make a Plan B for each fear. Ask yourself: What would happen if the fear becomes true? So shifting fears means to gain more courage. And believe me, this is so much less frightening, than having to live with the fears all the time.


5. Take control over your mind

Every entrepreneur expects to fail in one way or the other and that’s just realistic. But it is more important how you deal with the failure. Do you make yourself responsible for this? Then go back to step 1. You and your business are two different entities and if you keep remembering this it will be easier for you to find new creative solutions when problems occur. Also, succeeding through great adversities is a huge confidence booster, which is why you should never give up in the first place.

Your self-confidence, belief and your mindset impact the way how you are progressing with your business and they also impact the way of stagnation. If you want to make sure to reach your goals, it is important to take care of those three things. And if you can do it, everyone can do it.

However, I know how difficult it is to overcome fears if you don’t know where to start and your mind is just running wild with negative thoughts. This is why I created a little online course for you. In “The Fear Mastery Set” you will learn everything that is essential to know about fears and you will get some great resources that you can apply immediately in your everyday life which will help you to overcome your fears in no time.

So are you ready to rock your own online business like a winner?

Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments and tell me what helped you with growing your self-confidence? Or is there anything your struggling with? Let me know and I’m sure I can help you in some way.


Yours, Nicole

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