I know, I know – most people back off when they hear about doing some “online jobs”. They seem dubious and untrustworthy and they have nothing in common with the traditional jobs.

But let me tell you this: Times have changed and with regard to the digitalization that has already taken place in our world, new opportunities have emerged.

Online jobs today have nothing in common anymore with the strange jobs that existed 15 years ago. More and more people are starting to work online because it gives them freedom and independence and they can live a self-determined life. No more bosses who tell you when, where and what you have to work – those people decide for themselves how much they want to work, with whom they want to work and especially where they want to work.

Because working online requires only two things: a laptop and a wifi connection. As soon as you have these things you are good to go.

But with all the things that have changed recently – what is it exactly that you can do online? What kind of jobs are there that more and more people are willing to do?

This is what I want to cover today. I want to show you some of the most popular possibilities that you can do online so you can also start living independently.

Freelance work

When it comes to online business there are two sectors we have to distinguish from one another. One of them is working as a freelancer. But what is a “freelancer”?

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and who is paid for each project or piece of work they do for a specific client. I myself started out as a freelancer as well because it is the easiest way to get into this online business world and to earn money straight away. To be exact, I worked as a virtual assistant because it was simple to start in there.

As a freelancer you get paid by the hours you put in the work and believe me, there are many companies who are looking for people with specific skills to complete a project for them.

But now let’s have a look what you can do as a freelancer:

1. Virtual Assistant

This is a very popular online opportunity at the moment. As a virtual assistant you can take care of the administrative work of your client from the comfort of your home. And as more and more businesses are in need of a helping hand this is the best opportunity to get started in the online business world. With a phone, a laptop and the internet you are set up to provide a meaningful service to your customer and you can save your client precious time so they can focus on their core business again.

If this already sounds very interesting to you I can highly recommend the challenges and courses provided by Hannah Dixon. I started out with her challenge and course and it helped me a lot to win my first customers as a freelancer.

2. Graphic Design

Are you a creative person who loves to design something? Great, then this online job just might be the perfect fit for you. As a graphic designer, you are creating logos, packaging, and advertisements for your clients and their brands. This position is also highly in demand and a lot of people are looking for graphic designers who have a creative mind.

3. Webdesign

If you are a tech-savvy person then have a look at this great freelance opportunity. Here, you offer a website building service which can get you some bigger pay checks. But always stay up-to-date. As trends come and go you have to stay on track with the latest trends to keep and win more and more customers. However, you don’t have to worry here: With a simple Google search, you can easily get an idea about what’s in.

4. Texting/Editing/Proofreading

Texting, editing, and proofreading are the most obvious ones among all the freelance opportunities. Either by writing for other blogs or sites you can get paid per article or you can also write ebooks for your clients and specialize in topics you know well (i.e. fitness and health). If you have an eye for the detail and you are great at grammar and spelling then editing and proofreading might also be great options for you. Just keep your eyes open and discover the endless possibilities that are in this field.

5. Social Media Expert

It is unquestionable that social media becomes more and more popular. If you know how to handle Facebook groups, pages or manage Instagram accounts you can offer this as a service to your customers. Many people are looking for freelancers who take care of their social media because it takes a lot of time to keep it going. And if you love working with social media this is the right position for you.

Online Entrepreneur

The other part of working online is to work as an online entrepreneur. That means that you create passive income streams and you build your own company by selling real products. For me, it was always clear to become an online entrepreneur someday because freelancing is great for starting out but to become really independent I wanted something more, something bigger.

And also here, you have many opportunities which you can create for yourself…

1. Coaching

Coaching is a great way to start an online business. You support your clients in special areas of their lives and in their goals and you encourage them in whatever they do. Especially if you already went through some special occasions in life this is a great way to help other people who are dealing with the same situation. For this, you just need a webcam and Skype and you are good to start.

2. E-Commerce

It is easy to set up your own online store with a third-party store or by yourself with tools like Woocommerce and Shopify. And in times of drop shipping you don’t even need a warehouse to store the goods. Dropshipping means that you sell your products (which you buy from your supplier) directly to your customer without ever having touched the physical product. So the delivery happens directly from your supplier to your customer.

3. Selling Info Products

A great way to make money online is to sell info products like ebooks, online courses, tutorials, and so on. To explain it a little bit more: An info product is knowledge which is communicated through text, videos and audio. It helps people to master or learn a new skill or to expand their knowledge in a specific area. So this is great if you already are an expert in a certain field – because everything that you know, you can sell online.

4. Blogging

Ok, this online business option is a little bit tricky. Many people think if they start a blog they become successful quite quickly and make a ton of money. The reality is: It takes a lot of hard work until you can live from your blog and this is no recipe to become successful overnight. So if you love sharing your insights with other people and you are willing to put in the hard work this can definitely work out for you. But I would always go with another option like selling info products as well.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means partnering with another company. So you create a website where you promote other products and every time your visitors buy this product from your website you get a little provision. It’s also something that takes some time to build a stable income with it because first, you need to get people to your website who are also willing to buy something. This goes perfectly with a blog for example. But once you established a successful blog with a lot of visitors you can earn several hundreds or even thousands of Euros with it.

Are you inspired to make a meaningful change in your life and start your own online business? Of course, there are a lot more options out there what you can do online but listing all of them would be just too much for this post. So I created a list for you with a lot of online jobs which you can do right away and I am pretty sure that there is something that suits you and your skills. You can download it here.

Apart from that, I would like to know from you: What is it that you have started out with or what is it that you want to start out with and why?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from your experiences.


Yours, Nicole

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