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Hi, my name is Nicole

Courageous. Focused. Calm. Ambitious.

Those are the four most common words people describe me.

I created Heart & Style with the intention of helping women create their own online business so they can live a self-determined and independent life.

Coming from a small town in Germany, it wasn’t always easy for me or the women around me to get our voice heard. I was challenged with a lot of prejudice and traditional thinking and it was even harder for me when I said I wanted to start an online business. Most people didn’t really understand how I could make a living out from this and laughed at me more than once.

But I made it.

And I know that there are still many women who struggle on how to get started with an online business and who don’t know which possibilities they have to become independent and live the life they have always dreamed about.

It’s time to get our voices heard and rock our lives by creating our own business with Heart & Style. Let me support you with that!

Yours, Nicole

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